Latest Project - Brand Video for CCS and One Agency

Client - One Agency | Shot and Directed | Camera System - Sony A7 R3

A brand video for CCS with One Agency. The freezing cold meant we had to choose camera and lighting gear that could handle sub-zero temperatures. We shot with a SonyA7 R3, while lighting was done with Arri SkyPanels.


Burger King | Platypus Productions | Director - Ian Chuter | Designation- DOP |Camera - Alexa XT | Format - TV/Internet

In line with the US approach to shooting for Burger King, we used extensive blue screen and "cinebots" to achieve the look we were going for. Using Bolt enabled us to repeat the camera moves multiple times and get really close on the product.

KFC | Platypus Productions | Director - Ian Chuter | Designation- Camera Operator |Camera - Alexa XT | Format - TV/Internet

“Stop it, I like it!” has become an iconic campaign for KFC.

Wesgro | Production Company - Platypus Productions | Director - Ian Chuter | Designation - Camera Op | Camera System - Arri Alexa XT

A fabulous shoot, filming throughout the beautiful Western Cape.


Client - Foundation for a Smoke Free World | Production Company - Cross My Heart | Director - Melonie Kastman | Designation - Camera Op | Camera System - BM URSA

The ATI is the Malawi branch of the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World, that focuses specifically on smallholder farmers in Malawi. The global decline of smoking could have many positive health impacts but could bring negative economic consequences to tobacco farmers, many of whom are in developing nations.

Branded Content

Client - Samyang | Shot and Directed | Camera System - Samsung NX1

A brand documentary shot for Samyang Lenses, featuring the high-end "pano" photographer, Robert Miller. The video follows his climb to the top of Klein Leeuwkop in Hout Bay, where he will produce the first high-end panoramic photo from the viewpoint.

Client - CCP-Hout Bay | Shot and Directed | Camera System - Canon 5D

Shot and directed by Jonathan Berman. This CCP branded content video was used to advertise the service in Hout Bay. Edited by Firstsource.

Music Video

Night Sky Zombies | Shot and Edited | Camera System - Sony RX10 Mark4

Recorded and Filmed at Dog House Studios Cape Town Mixed and Mastered by Sterling Moss Productions Filmed and edited by Jonathan Berman